Leather & Canvas Bags

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All experienced safari seekers will know that the most important part of your safari starts with preparation. Often the experiance of travelling to remote locations can be challenging at the best of times so being prepared is paramount for a succesful trip.

At Elite we have developed range of exclusive safari luggage to suit every experience, wether a days fishing trip on the river or to the long African Safari wilderness.

All safaris into remote areas require light weight luggage easily moulding into the environs of the vehicle. Most of the best locations are only accessable by air where light aircraft holds are limited for space. This only allows for soft bags which can stow easily in the aircraft hold.

Bush pilots are well trained to observe aircraft take off weights on high altitude murram airstripsand often passengers are denied luggage allowances due to safety reasons. With this criteria our Elite luggage Safari selection has been produced to ensure you smooth safe safari.

personalized luggageThese rugged, high quality and hand crafted products are a life long investment and with the stylish looks immediately places you in a position of awareness. An added feature on request your personal range of safari luggage can be branded with your initials, name or any company logo of your choice in Lazer burnt leather, embossed leather or cotton embroidery. This makes your luggage stand out from the rest as highly personalized and easily recognisable as the experianced traveler.

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