Lenser Torches

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Key Ring Torches

The K Series features elegant miniature lamps. These keyring lamps are exceptionally bright, lightweight and equipped with state-of-the-art electronics.

Our new High Performance Line combines innovations unprecedented in the history of flashlights. The Reflector-Lens of the Advanced Focus System, the Speed Focus, the Battery Cartridge, our new Dynamic Switch concept and last but not least the incredible luminous intensity of our chips are but a few of the novelties that will revolutionize the world of flashlights and head lamps. With one of these lamps, you hold a piece of the future in your hand.

Lightweight Torches

The housings of these lamps are particularly lightweight and handy because they consist of a very special material: polycarbonate. Polycarbonate weighs only about half as much as aluminum, it is temperature-resistant from minus 175 degrees to plus 175 degrees Centigrade, and also extremely shock- and shatter-proof. Aircraft cockpit windows are made from this material. Thanks to PC, our lamp housings are weather-proof, extremely robust and smooth to the touch even in high mountains, since they do not easily transmit coldness. Due to the sum of their advantages, our L series models are ideal pieces of equipment for outdoor activities.

Micro Processor Torches
Diverse settings call for individual light programmes. Accordingly, our light designers created Smart Light Technology. Its basis consists of computer-optimized microcontrollers that are a component part of all M Series products. The result is a symbiosis of many different light programmes and easy control via one single push button. In addition, the intelligent microcontroller, core piece of Smart Light Technology, also optimizes energy consumption. With that, we set new standards in the fields of modern control and compact design. Technology and design in perfect harmony.